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Nuova Meccanica | Meccanotecnica Riesi s.r.l.

Nuova Meccanica specializes in the manufacturing of premium woodworking tools. In cooperation with the Oertli family since 2005, we have been able to offer essential services in the construction and maintenance of a variety of tools, ranging from brazed cutters to specialty knives, all based off client drawings and specifications. Every product that leaves the NM shop always meets commercial and industrial needs and showcases our fine craftsmanship. 


Personalized Solutions at Competitive Prices


NM uses the finest materials to guarantee top-of-the-line products for our clients. Our large selection of advanced high precision machines allows us to offer varied services and produce diverse tools, always with the customer’s needs in mind. This quality in production is paired with our highly competitive prices to ensure the best solution for our client. 


Our Wide Array of Machine Tools:









Brased Cutters






  Reversible Knives   Pressures (Druckbacke)


  Shaft Type HSK-F63   Shaft type HSK-E63   Shaft type Powerlock